Our unique technology, Impact Pro(filer), is a silo-busting impact technology for all sectors that is built on one simple idea: Empower change makers to multiply their impact, reach, and returns through a single, dynamic, and universal profile – one initiative, one organization, or one community at a time.

Uniquely, IMPACT PRO(FILER) is designed to capture and amplify the value of existing networks and community portals. We are not yet another platform. Instead, we inject the tools needed to connect, surface, multiply, and evaluate what’s already there. Our belief: By making it easy and worthwhile for initiatives, organizations, and communities to capture and share their work, a standard of record and an efficient SDG marketplace will result.

Commissioned by the SDG Charter, we launched our first community portal, a Dutch national SDG Gateway last summer. The portal is built on an open source platform that is already in use by various UN agencies and is a precursor to our global roll out.