WomenLed2030 (WL2030) was launched in 2018 by, among other initiating members, C-Change’s CEO Carolien de Bruin as a platform that will bring together a global network of and for women from governments, UN, business, finance and media in developed and developing countries. The vision behind WomenLed2030 is that, in building a more connected global community of changemakers, women leaders play a powerful role. Yet, while women catalyse change every day, it is recognized that doing so is not always easy, and women leaders at times face challenges that are gender related, and that a more connected community of female leaders would be of real value but non-existent today. In other words, WomenLed2030 aims to break this mould and connect leading women worldwide for impact, and C-Change is proactively supporting WomenLed2030 in this pursuit.

The mission of WomenLed2030 is divided into three pillars: connect women leading up to be a generous, trusted network of women leaders all over the world, support women to fulfil their individual missions by gaining knowledge and leadership expertise as spearheaded by the network and celebrate excellent women leadership in the form of a yearly event. To kickstart this mission into a reality, C-Change is supporting WomenLed2030 to organize various Exploration Dinners across the globe in which input will be gathered from those women leaders that we are inspired by today and whom we believe should be champions inside the network for this community to come together, starting in Amsterdam in 2018. In the meantime, in collaboration will a small group of funders pilots will be set up to test future action plans.



Out of a partnership effort between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Jordan and Good Capital Project (GCP) 17Jordan was born in 2018. The primary purpose of 17Jordan is to attract long-term strategic growth capital for investments in Jordan through embracing Sustainable Development Goal #17 - “Partnership for Goals” Investments in Jordan’s implementation of the 2030 agenda will be promoted through capacity-building, knowledge pooling and a strong focus on long-term equity methods that are scalable. In order to do so five different ‘partnership opportunities’ have been identified as the epicentre of the community system, involving private sector, public sector, media, civil society and development partners to catalyse the 2030 agenda in Jordan. The near future plans for 17Jordan consist of further exploring new relationships with stakeholders and delivering a report based on working group sessions. By the end of 2018, an active PR and outreach campaign shall be launched aimed at strategic targeting of SDG investors.

To accelerate SDG investments in Jordan, C-Change is involved to create the online infrastructure designated to connect a community around engagement and innovation. Moreover, C-Change has been with 17Jordan all along the initiation process with its pivotal moment in August 2018, when workshops with different working groups and high level meetings were organized to establish the first stepping stones towards the 17Jordan community and system.

biz4sdgs IMPACT enterprise city challenges


BIZ4SDGs is a global competition that challenges social businesses across the world to get onboard the SDGs.

Our invitation to businesses: Create your own impact profile, and we connect you to the capital you need to succeed.

Our invitation to cities: Join us in making your city a global social business champion! This program will be piloted in 3 cities, leading up to a global launch at SOCAP - the largest social enterprise conference in the world - in October 2019. Anchor partners include the SDG Cities Leadership Program, the B Team, and UNOP. The program is linked to our technology solution IMPACT PRO(FILER) and aspires to make it easy and worthwhile for all businesses, investors, and intermediaries, to connect.

Our ultimate goal: Bring an otherwise fragmented impact ecosystem together in a global, “LinkedIn-like”, business platform.