Our C-Change technology makes it easy for companies – and for people working inside companies – to:

Step 1: Capture what’s happening:
Project administration is a significant burden for most impact or sustainability teams inside organisations. People want to work on projects, not on administration. And getting your colleagues to report on their impact initiatives, or conversely, needing to report on what you’ve been doing is time consuming. C-Change makes it easy to log your project and defined by the tags you choose. This makes it easy to know what’s happening, compare projects, track outcomes, flag partnerships opportunities, and manage risks. Each step of the way, those with access to project information know where money is being spent (and where it isn’t), while learning about projects that are happening elsewhere.
The result: Less time spent collecting information. Greater insight, learning, and innovation.

Step 2: Share stories worth sharing: People love stories. They’re engaging and inspiring. They show you at your best. C-Change makes it easy to share your stories across all your internal media. It also gives you the content you need to showcase great work externally, and can help you reach multiple audiences at the same time with up to date content. How we do this? Our innovative ‘sharing widgets’ allow you to create ‘cards’ with the content, look and feel you need, yet pulls the latest visuals and information from a central portal. Which stories are shared with whom, and where is easily changed and can be adjusted to the themes that are top of mind for your audience at any given time.
The result: Stronger stories. Dynamic content. Greater reach.

Step 3: Accelerate impact success: C-Change aggregates everything that is happening related to your impact activities in one place. This means that you can assess the quality of your work across goals, across borders, functions, and budgets. It takes the enormous pain out of formal corporate reporting, and it has all the insights that you need to accelerate collaboration, innovation, and replication across the firm. Our C-Change enable match-making between teams inside and outside of the organisation, launching of competitions, awards, or employee engagement programs, or just simply a comparing of notes and ideas within your community.
The result: Accelerated innovation, collaboration, and replication. Greater reach. Greater impact. Stronger communities.

As more companies and coalitions join our C-Change family, a ‘LinkedIn-like portal for Impact’ will result: A one-stop-shop where corporations, coalitions, and those seeking to work with them go to learn about, connect with, and advance corporate impact agendas.


Our aspiration for C-Change is to create value in the following ways:

More Time. Lower Costs: By adopting our platform, clients will be able to significantly lower their project administration and communications costs. By making it worthwhile for teams across the organization to share their achievements, and by spreading the workload, those spending weeks and months preparing reports and impact narratives can shift to more value added activities.

Greater InsightGreater Impact: By building in basic impact measurement and reporting standards into one’s organisation from the onset, clients will have access to dramatically more effective assessments, leading to much more robust, integrated, defensible, anddynamic strategies, and impact.

Stronger Community. A Living Purpose: By bringing global ‘intrapreneurs’ together through a single sharing and decision-making portal, teams across the organization will be more empowered to build community and jointly deliver on purpose.

Stronger Partnerships. Shared Value: A frequently heard comment among corporate ‘insiders and outsiders’ is that delivering value and impact together is extremely hard. Our collaboration and ‘match making’ features make it easier to break through silos and pool resources where possible.


This is what our prospective clients say about our C-Change vision:

A C-Change tool would make it worthwhile for everyone in our organization to upload their projects, makes it easy for internal teams to collaborate, and allows our global team to shift our attention way from data collection to rolling out bigger and better programs. A true game changer!
– Global Sustainability VP, Consumer Products, Europe

Our inclusive finance initiative in Paraguay that we’re rolling out with the local government is truly groundbreaking, yet I continue to be amazed how our work fails to spread to other parts of the firm. C-Change would allow our local work reach the global stage
– Head of Market, Financial Services, S-America
As a network that brings together corporations, it is always a challenge to bring up to date content to our platform. C-Change’s white label solution enables us to advance our agenda using the look and feel that is right for us, but create a direct, seamless connection with our members across the world
– President, Global Business Network