Features Overview

Uniquely, IMPACT PRO(FILER) is designed to capture and amplify the value of existing networks and community portals. We are not yet another platform. Instead, we inject the tools needed to connect, surface, multiply, and evaluate what’s already there. Our belief: By making it easy and worthwhile for initiatives, organizations, and communities to capture and share their work, a standard of record and an efficient SDG marketplace will result.

IMPACT PRO(FILER), an innovative ‘LinkedIn like’ community portal, that enables our clients to profile their activities in alignment with global reporting standards, collaborate and tap into networks elsewhere to connect you to the resources you need to succeed.

We believe that our community portal can help you bring your work to the next level in a way that is synergistic with the work you already do.

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a community portal

Allows your members and partners to interact effectively and easily between each other and give you the insights needed to manage your programmes effectively


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Standardised profile templates

At C-Change we've worked hard with our partners to get the taxonomy of our profiles right so you are assured that you're profiling your work the right way. We've designed our profile templates to align to global taxonomies and standards as these emerge, bringing transparency and insight to your work. To see who we work with to accelerate the establishment of such standards please go to our partners page, here.


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sdg tech back-end

An SDG tech backend that enables the seamless exchange of content between networks and aggregators. We work with global tech pioneers and giants on the roll-out and by joining our consortium, you will be in in a position to broaden your reach and network early


access to global communities & local hubs

At C-Change we work hard everyday to make sure we can connect your community to the right partners. We connect the dots in the back end


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Personalised content shows updates that are relevant to you

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Private Messaging

Allows users to contact each other directly. 



Organize closed and public events for your members to enroll in



Smart in-app messages and emails notify you when needed



Create both open and closed groups around shared interests



Navigate through the data available in your community easily by using our filters



Your platform will be connected with relevant networks in the background



Powerful search for content and user profiles


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To gain a better understanding of our approach and collaboration model, we recommend a visit to our Dutch national ‘SDG Gateway’ (www.sdggateway.nl) which launched this Summer and has the same technology. Within the first two months of our launch, over 500 impact profiles were created online.

Our client – a coalition of 100+ ‘SDG Charter Signatories’ – articulated the value they got out of the portal along three key dimensions:

• A Thriving Community: Despite having a limited budget, the network hit the ground running with an effective and inspiring impact portal, while benefiting from the features that are commissioned by other license holders;

• Easy Sharing & Alignment: C-Change’s efforts to rally the support of leading standard setters, agencies, and networks for a shared profile template have made it easy for our client to align to global standards effortlessly as we make it our job to align our profiles to the latest taxonomies and reporting standards;

• An Instant Multiplier: Our system is designed to help each of our C-Change communities and their members to multiply their impact, reach, and returns. Our promise to our users: Profile your work, impact, and support needs, and we link you up with a growing network of SDG collaborators.