At C-Change we are transforming the way in which SDG initiatives and partnerships are delivered, captured, and shared. Only 13% of the businesses that are planning to act on the SDG's have the appropriate tools they need to manage and assess their impact (PWC, 2015).

C-Change is developing a ‘LinkedIn-like’ impact portal that allows organizations, in particular corporations, to manage their ‘impact portfolios’ and partnerships – internally and externally. The portal, called 'My Impact' is designed to help businesses reach their sustainability goals, and build markets that are 'fit for purpose'.

This initiative is a partnership with USAID and Gates Foundation’s Global Innovation Exchange.



The portal allows organisations to:

Capture their unique initiative stories, data, and ’acceleration priorities’, which can be uploaded by project owners.

Communicate with teams, networks, coalitions or donors as the portal gives the possibility to share content strategically and efficiently. 

Coordinate, a dynamic, distributed impact management portal emerges that goes beyond company walls.

  A snapshot of our My Impact portal

A snapshot of our My Impact portal


More Time. Lower Costs: By adopting our platform, clients will be able to significantly lower their project administration and communications costs. By making it worthwhile for teams across the organization to share their achievements, and by spreading the workload, those spending weeks and months preparing reports and impact narratives can shift to more value added activities.

Stronger Community. A Living Purpose: By bringing global ‘intrapreneurs’ together through a single sharing and decision-making portal, teams across the organization will be more empowered to build community and jointly deliver on purpose. 

Stronger Partnerships. Shared Value: A frequently heard comment among corporate ‘insiders and outsiders’ is that delivering value and impact together is extremely hard. Our collaboration and ‘match making’ features make it easier to break through silos and pool resources where possible.

Greater Insight. Greater Impact: By building in basic impact measurement and reporting standards into one’s organisation from the onset, clients will have access to dramatically more effective assessments, leading to much more robust, integrated, defensible, and dynamic strategies, and impact.